Profi view box (PVB) illuminators are a compact version of the light sation. They are designed especially for graphic designers and photographers, providing them with a handy light source compliant with the ISO standard. Designed for precise color evaluation in the pre-press process. They enable objective evaluation and color comparison on analog originals and proofs (proof) in the process of computer image processing and designing of printing products.

Compact PVB light station from Lettero is produced in three sizes and can be equipped with one, two or three light sources, depending on the needs and uses of the device:

  • D50 – 5000 K
  • D55 – 5500 K
  • D65 – 6500 K

Together with CMB light booths, large CCS control stations and control-measurement stations as well as room lighting lamps, PVB illuminators create the Lettero Color Matching program, a system for an objective color assessment of products at any stage of production, regardless of the industry.

PVB illuminators, like the other products of the Lettero brand, are characterized by high quality, which translates into their durability and failure-free use. Compliance with industry ISO standards is confirmed by the FOGRA certificate.

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