The CCS-SP color measurement and control stations are used primarily in printing houses as a spectrophotometer stations. They are used for visual assessment and measurements with a spectrophotometer on printouts of various formats made in any printing technique.

The test stand consists of a lamp with a tested color temperature of 5000K / D50, an inclined working table enabling comfortable working in a standing position, a trolley with replaceable spectrophotometer holders, a holder for a computer monitor and a frame (base).

As a light source in CCS-SP measuring and control stands are used fluorescent lamps or LED source of light. The replaceable spectrophotometer holder allows the use of color meters from various manufacturers.

CCS-SP stations are produced in four sizes differing in the width of the working table. Thanks to this, it is easy to adjust the appropriate station to work with different printing formats.

The frame (base) of control and measuring stations is equipped with adjustable feet or wheels if it is necessary to move the workplace. The base can be completed with a drawer section in B1 format.