CMB illuminators (color match boxes) are universal lighting booths for professional color evaluation of 3D industrial and printing products in various light conditions. The source of light in Lettero booths is based on LED, optionally fluorescent lamps can be used.

Light booths of this type are used primarily for the presentation and evaluation of objects, the most important feature of which is color, in design studios, laboratories and sales departments in the consumer goods industry – textile (color of thread, leather and materials), footwear, car, toys, electronic and, above all, in the polygraphic production of packaging and the evaluation of the refining treatment.

CMB helps in the objective evaluation of the product’s color and give the opportunity to compare with the standard, regardless of the ambient lighting conditions. CMB provides the same light regardless of where the assessment is made – be it a design studio, a production hall or a sales department. Light booths allow easy detection of metamerism of colors, i.e. phenomena when the same color is seen differently depending on the light.

Lettero CMB cab is produced in two sizes and can be equipped with five different light sources, depending on the needs and uses of the device:

  • D50 daylight 5000 K,
  • D65 daylight 6500 K,
  • A tungsten 2800 K,
  • TL84 fluorescent light 4000 K
  • UV ultraviolet black light

Each light booth can be equipped with one of two types of controllers: with a diode indicator, indicating the consumption of a light source with a change of color and an electronic one with a display showing the working time counter and the possibility of smoothly controlling the light intensity. To facilitate the work with flat objects, a tilting worktop is available.

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