CMB LED 100/5 illuminator
CMB LED 100/5 illuminator
4 April 2018
CMB LED 70/5 illuminator
CMB LED 70/3 illuminator
30 March 2018

CMB LED 100/5 E illuminator


CMB Illuminator (Color match box) is a professional device for color assessment of industrial goods and printing products in different lighting conditions.

They are used primarily for the presentation and assessment of the products, the most important feature of which is the color, for instance in the design studios, laboratories and sales departments of the consumer foods industries – textile industry (color of thread, leather and fabrics), as well as in the manufacture of footwear,  toys, automotive industry,  production of electronic equipment, and especially in the printing production of packaging and coating processes evaluation.

Color match box CMB by Lettero means:

  • objective color assessment – ISO compliant devices, FOGRA certification
  • the best metamerism assessment – up to 5 light sources (D50, D65, A, TL84, UV) as well as smooth light intensity adjustment
  • wide use – can be used to evaluate 2D and 3D objects
  • low operating costs – long life of light sources thanks to LED technology

Color match box CMB 100/5 E specification:

  • cabin dimensions 1000x600x600 (W x D x H)
  • 5 light sources
  • electronic control panel with light usage counter
  • no preheating after turning on
  • LED technology compliant with ISO 3664 3668 and 11664-2
  • steady light illumination throughout the whole working surface
  • no undesirable flash and light effects – neutral gray N7 color according to ISO

Additional CMB equipment:

  • tilting bottom table for easy viewing of flat objects
  • frame with leveling feet