The lettero brand was created in 1994 as a response to the growing demand for printing auxiliary equipment. Karoń Company, as one of the important players of the national printing market, was very well aware of the needs of the industry. In the 90s we created range of  devices which at that time were only produced and delivered by foreign manufacturers. Since that moment we have been constantly developing our offer. Our goal is to secure a high level of customer satisfaction by adapting our products to the latest industry trends. We are professionals and we create for professionals.

As the only Polish company, we manufacture devices for professional color assessment in compliance with ISO standards, confirmed by the FOGRA certificate. Our domestic and international customers highly appreciate our light control chambers and stations, offering a great variety of customization.

The packaging industry, which mostly uses flexographic techniques, is of a particular interest amongst our customers. In response to their needs, we have developed a comprehensive range of specialized equipment including a dedicated crane stacker system for storing flexographic forms based on storage racks supplemented with a manually operated crane.
To supplement our printing industry portfolio we engaged into a production of metal furniture. For many years to date we were providing our customers with: drawer cabinets, various types of metal shelves, mobile shelves, sliding shelves, auxiliary tables and metal cabinets.