Movable shelving system for cylindrical dies rjwc
Movable shelving system for cylindrical dies
16 April 2018
Racks for photopolymers RFF2
Racks for photopolymers RFF
16 April 2018

Photopolymer’s storage system RWS FF


Photopolymer’s Storage System is used to store photopolymer forms. RWS FF consists of a supporting structure and hangers mounted to the traverse of the rack with slings.
The panels can be bought separately and used for mounting in other supporting structures.


Photopolymer’s Storage System:

Single Rack
2 storage levels 1373/2723
Supporting frame H-3600 G-1100/1200
Traverse L-2700 3 pallet spaces
Weight limit 1300 kg
Traverse L-3600 4 pallet spaces
Traverse’s profile closed profile 80×40
Double-depth Rack
3 storage levels 1373/2723/4073
Supporting frame H-4200 G-2600/2800
Supporting frame H-3600 G-1100/1200
Connector L-400
Traverse L-2700 3 miejsca paletowe
Weight limit 1300 kg
Traverse L-3600 4 miejsca paletowe
Traverse’s profile profil zamknięty 80×40

Color specification: gray frames RAL 7040; red traverse RAL3020.


On typical high storage shelves modular hanger rails with a width of 30 cm and capacity of 15 or 20 pieces of photopolymers are fixed.

Lettero Panel hanger’s guides fit into most of the photopolymer mounting rails on the market.


Panel hangers:

Panel No. of rails
Distance between rails
PW 15 15 20 300
PW 20 20 15 300