CMPW ink trolley
CMPW ink trolley
13 April 2018
Racks for cylindrical dies RWC 1
Racks for cylindrical dies RWC 1
13 April 2018

Flat Cutting Die Storage System


High storage system for storing and organizing flat dies. High storage system is available in two heights for two and three levels of storage (depending on the size of the cassettes). Cassettes for flat dies are available in four heights.

Single pallet racking with 2 or 3 storage levels. Traverse profile made of 80 x 40 mm closed profile. Traverse profile can be also made of closed profile with dimensions: 100 x 40 mm with the maximum load capacity of 2.260 kg for three pallet and 1500 kg for the four pallets. Double pallet racking (with increased depth) 2 or 3 storage levels. Single pallet racking connected with a 400 mm long connector, the depth of the rack is D = 2600 mm/2800 mm

Color specification: gray frames RAL 7040; red traverse RAL3020



Flat dies storage system

Symbol WxDxH Levels Cassettes
RWS KW1 2700x1100x3000 2 30
RWS KW2 2700x1100x2500 2 30
RWS KW3 2700x900x3000 3 54
RWS KW4 2700x700x2500 3 54



Symbol WxDxH
Kaseta K1 170x1600x1200
Kaseta K2 170x1250x1000
Kaseta K3 140x1050x900
Kaseta K4 140x800x650


Rack guides (dimensions including fixing to the bar)

5 cassette rack guides 185x1600x900 for cassette K1
5 cassette rack guides 185x1250x900 for cassette K2
6 cassette rack guides 185x1050x900 for cassette K3
6 cassette rack guides 185x750x900 for cassette K4