Color control station CCS base C
Color control station CCS LED D50 C
30 March 2018
Color control station CCS-130-FOGRA
Color control station CCS LED D50+D65 C
6 April 2018

Color control station CCS LED D65 C


CCS – color control stations are designed to operate in a standing position in the production floor in printing industry, but also in research laboratories, textiles, cosmetics, dyes, etc.

CCS station by Lettero means:

  • objective color assessment – ISO compliant devices
  • metamerism assessment – two D50 and D65 light sources available, smooth light intensity adjustment
  • flexibility – easy adjustment thanks to a large number of accessories
  • low operating costs – long life of light sources thanks to LED technology

CCS LED D65 C specification:

  • LED light source with D65 tested light temperature
  • C base with open shelf and five drawers
  • available CCS sizes: 1010/1300 / 1600×820 / 920 / 1010×850
  • side curtains insulated from the influence of incident spotlight – optional
  • no preheating after turning on
  • electronic controller
  • LED technology compliant with ISO 3664 3668 and 11664-2
  • smooth light intensity adjustment ranging from 10% to 100%
  • lifetime of the light source over 50000 hours
  • electronic control panel with light usage counter
  • stable light output up to 30.000 working hours (above 30.000 calibration is required)
  • steady light illumination throughout the whole working surface
  • no undesirable flash and light effects – neutral gray N7 color according to ISO
  • 2000 lux illuminance according to ISO standard
  • Exact color coordinates (10°):
    D50: x = 0.3478 / y = 0.3595 (≤ 0,002)
    D65: x = 0.3138 / y = 0.3309 (≤ 0,002)
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) Ra ≥ 95
  • Low metamerism index in the visible range: ≤ 0.8 (MIvis)


Additional CCS station equipment:

  • tilting table (in several versions, also with backlight) – makes it easy to evaluate prints or smaller objects at different angles
  • keyboard drawer and rotating monitor holder – make it easy to use the computer on a desk
  • the spectrophotometer holder – suitable for the most popular devices on the market, enables measurements on the station
  • wide possibilities of configuration of the base of the device (shelves, cabinets, drawers) depending on the location of the place of use and customer preferences
blat o zmiennym kącie nachylenia blat pochylony z częściowym podświetleniem
Inclined worktop with fixed angle Inclined worktop with changeable angle Inclined worktop with half backlight
blat pochylony z podświetleniem
Inclined worktop with full backlight
blat pochylony z prowadnicą spektrofotometru blat pochylony częściowo podświetlony z prowadnicą spektrofotometru blat pochylony podświetlony z prowadnicą spektrofotometru
Measuring worktop with trolley for spectrophotometer Measuring worktop with trolley for spectrophotometer and half backlight Measuring worktop with trolley for spectrophotometer and with full backlight
uchwyt do monitora szuflada na klawiaturę

Monitor holder

Keyboard drawer